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Located in Portland Oregon, Astro Web Design provides affordable web design and maintenance services for small businesses and non-profits.

Astro Web Design understands the needs and budget constraints of small businesses and non-profits and we will work with you to deliver a quality product that fits your budget. When friends, relatives or that guy from Craigslist fails to deliver we can provide you with reliable web design and maintenance services.

Website templates, website generators and content management systems don’t generate search engine friendly code and lock your website into a look and feel that may not suite your business or customers. Astro Web Design builds your website using techniques that optimize the way search engines see your website’s content. We design your website’s user interface so that your customers can find the information they need quickly and easily.

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Website Maintenance

Many small businesses think they can save money by having a website built that they can update themselves. Often times the website is rarely or never updated due to lack of technical skills or time. Astro Web Design offers one time and regular website update services at an affordable price.

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Call us at 503-860-2541 or use our contact page to discover how Astro Web Design can design your website of the future, update your current website, boost your website's search engine ranking or manage your social media campaign.